Education & Youth

Education and Youth

The Education and Youth Committee organizes and sponsors events for children in our community, often in partnership with Wolfe Street Academy, a charter school in Upper Fell’s Point. For more information, or to volunteer, contact Mollie Fein at 410-212-4652 or send an email to  Some of the events that the Committee works on are noted below:


Wolfe Street Academy Teachers’ Wish List Project - Teachers always pay for many classroom supplies out of their own pockets; this is our effort to help out as a community. Teachers create a wish list and our community members make those wishes come true by donating those items. A celebration party is held for the teachers and donors. Beverages are generously donated by Patrick Aquia, Sherry’s Bar on Broadway and Henninger’s Tavern.


Summer Work Day – Volunteers work together to make improvements to the Wolfe Street Academy classrooms, playgrounds and facilities such as painting, making repairs, etc.

Library Project – The School did not have a library at all and volunteers worked to set up one. Books were labeled, alphabetized and shelved. New shelves and encyclopedias were also added.


Art in the Lobby - Students created art that hung in the lobby of the Fell’s Point Corner Theatre, complete with an opening reception for students.

Chess in the Park – A day of chess at Patterson Park

Clean Sweep - An eight week kids’ neighborhood clean-up project

Cooking Classes - Eight weeks on Saturday mornings

Day of the Dead – Students decorated pumpkins and made masks at UFPIA’s table

Feed the Hungry – Students made hundreds of lunches to feed the hungry in the community

Garden Club – A five month project with third and fourth graders

Haunted House, Haunted Garden, Trick or Treating and Pumpkin Carving

School Improvement Team

Some Day I Will Mosaic – Students and teachers made the chalkboard and outlined it with a mosaic. Anyone can write in their own words to complete the sentence “Some Day I Will…”

Veterans’ Day Lunches Project – Students made lunches for veterans to thank them for their service

Wolfest – UFPIA had a booth to promote the environment and donated cloth bags which were imprinted with Wolfe St. Academy. Students decorated the bags and pledged to use them. UFPIA also donated and distributed books on recycling and other topics. (Wolfest is a festival held in the Spring to celebrate Wolfe Academy School and the community.)