Neighborhood Safety

Neighborhood Safety

The Southeastern District Police Community Relations Council is a citizens group dedicated to improving relations between the police and the community.  Their goal is to heighten the police department’s awareness of the community’s needs and to increase the community’s assistance to the police department.

We have a Neighborhood Walk periodically which is posted in our newsletter or e-blast or on Facebook

To report crime anonymously -

To report all drug activity - 410-666-DRUG (410-666-3784)

To report in an emergency - 911

To contact our Safety Chair – Matt Barnes – send an email to

Police offer residents these helpful suggestions so as to avoid becoming a victim:

(1) Ensure your doors and windows of your house are locked. And lock your doors when out for short periods.

(2) Turn on your outside lights, both front and back.

(3) During vacations, have a neighbor pickup your mail or newspaper or have them stopped.

(4) Never leave any items visible in your vehicle. Be sure there are no marks left on windshields from GPS mounts. (Use weighted bases instead.)

(5) Remove window-unit air conditioners in the winter months.

(6) If purchasing large items, such as electronics, be sure to break down the boxes into smaller sizes before putting them into your recycle container. Large boxes are an advertisement for high value property inside your house.

Remember, it only takes a few minutes for a crime to occur but just a few steps upfront can deter it.