Billie Holiday 100th Birthday Tribute – April 12, 2015

Billie Holiday 100th Birthday Tribute – April 12, 2015

Rhonda Robinson Quartet playing Billie Holiday music

Dancers enjoying the music

Anthony and Jesus making popcorn for sale

Blowing bubbles is fun for all ages (Jordan)

Maureen and Penny at the kids center

Steve giving a tour of the artworks

Chef Sean and daughter Taylor from Water For Chocolate with their yummy food items for sale

Festival participants enjoying the music

Rodney savoring each bite of food from Water For Chocolate

Michele, Jeff and Mary (and their dogs) at UFPIA’s booth

Blaire from UFPIA gives out free birthday cake to attendees

Attendees Bill, Sean and Marla

Rhonda and her band play their music from Ian’s garage (a first for Rhonda!)

Jack enjoys the music (and maybe the popcorn too)

Nicole hands out birthday cake from UFPIA

Steve answers questions at UFPIA’s booth

Rhonda and her band wow the crowd

Dogs and attendees both enjoyed the music


(Photos by Jan Mooney)