Community Garden Pathway Project – March 2015

Community Garden Pathway Project – March 2015

Our original walkway

Old walkway cinderblocks removed by Bill, Megan, Morgan and Steve

Anita clearing debris from walkway

Eamon loading the wheelbarrow with soil

MaryKate and Don adding soil to the walkway

Our flower pot sale sign

Our flower pots for sale

Kurt helped Molissa buy some flower pots

Barb putting the blocks into place for the walkway

Marla and Eamon cleaning the old cinderblocks

Eamon cleaning the cinderblocks; Barb laying them while Jeff, Don, Sean and Chance are preparing walkway

Evan raking the soil before the blocks are set into the walkway

Becca cleaning the blocks (it has been snowing so very cold)

Chance getting ready to lift several blocks

Sean cleaning the blocks

Kurt installing the pipe for the sump pump

Blaire turning the compost

Anita laying block

Chance, Sean and Evan adding the sand between the blocks while Barb continues to lay the block

Sean adding more sand

Barb is almost done laying the block while Sean continues to add sand between the blocks

Mowgli comes to see what we are up to

Becca filling the wheelbarrow with soil

Jan adding soil to the garden plots

Kurt lays the last blocks to the back part of the walkway

Our new beautiful – and wider – walkway is now complete!

Our potluck lunch in Barb’s warm house was much enjoyed by all!


Photos by Jan Mooney and photo of Jan by Kurt Schiller