Trash and Recycling

Trash and Recycling

For UFPIA’s recycling flyer, click here - ufpia recycle flyer

For UFPIA’s trash can flyer, click here - ufpia trash can flyer
UFPIA provides residents with a free dumpster four times each year for bulk items – for details click here.

Every Wednesday: Trash - All trash must be in a durable container with a tight fitting lid – you can use your own or City provided cans. Trash collection is limited to 96 gallons/week. NO TRASH IS ALLOWED OUTSIDE OF A CAN! Do not put trash curbside prior to 6:00pm Tuesday night.

Every Friday: Single Stream Recycling - All items are collected in one container. The container must be either paper/cardboard or a durable container – DO NOT USE PLASTIC BAGS for your container as they jam the machinery. If the container does not have a lid, be sure to clean all items as exposed unclean items attract rats. (Also please pick up after your pet as rats love to eat dog poop.) (You can drop-off plastic bags at most grocery stores.) Do not place curbside prior to 6:00pm on Thursday night.

Note: If normal trash/recycling days fall on a holiday, it will be picked up on Saturday.

Regular trash and debris will not be picked up from the yellow recycling bins. These bins are not required to recycle – you can use any container as long as it is clearly marked “recycle.” However, to obtain a recycling bin from the City, click here.

DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CANS IN FRONT OF YOUR HOUSE ON NON-TRASH OR RECYCLING DAYS AS YOU WILL RECEIVE A FINE! (City Code:  Article 23, § 4-1.  General prohibition. Except as specifically provided in this subtitle, no person may have, keep, or maintain on any street, lane, alley, sidewalk, or other public place in the City, any box, bin, barrel, or other receptacle for the reception of mixed refuse, litter, or rubbish of any sort. (City Code, 1950, art. 31, §8(1st sen.)(1st cl.); 1966, art. 23, §8(1st sen.)(1st cl.); 1976/83, art. 23, §8(a).) (Ord. 48-473; Ord. 99-548; Ord. 09-175.))

Acceptable recyclables are summarized here but a complete list is at

Mixed paper: Colored paper; non-metallic wrapping paper; all types of mail including envelope plastic windows; books (hardbound, paperback, textbooks and telephone); newspapers; magazines and catalogs.

Cardboard: Corrugated, mailing, juice and shoe boxes; cardboard egg containers; waxed cartons that contained a liquid such as milk, juice, soup or frozen foods.

Electronics: Do not throw them in the trash!

Metal: aluminum, tin, steel food and beverage containers; tin foil (clean) and aluminum pie pans and empty aerosol cans.

Glass: Rinsed bottles and jars.

Plastic: Plastic bottles and wide-mouth jars coded #1 through #7 on the bottom. Caps and labels, including wide-mouth containers used for margarine, yogurt, cottage cheese, mayonnaise, sour cream, empty prescription bottles, plastic drinking cups and narrow-neck bottles used for soda, water, soap and food liquids.

Composting: Offered free to residents at Bertha’s during the Fell’s Point Farmers Market (April to mid-November) or for a fee through

Citizen Drop-Off Centers: Rigid plastics such as milk/soda crates, buckets, laundry baskets, flower pots, pet carriers, shelving closet organizers, plastic hangers and old garbage/recycling bins. Food/molded Styrofoam with #6 at the Sisson Street location only. Also accepted are bulk items and electronics. Personal vehicles, including unmodified pick-up trucks rated at ¾ tons or less may drop materials for free (you must show proof that you live in Baltimore City.)

NO: Hazardous waste; plastic rings; plastic grocery bags; wire hangers; or contaminated paper products such as napkins, paper towels, waxed paper, paper plates, tissues; foam; or Styrofoam peanuts; or lids, plastic straws or utensils; or insulation material.

Illegal DumpingIf you see illegal dumping in progress, call 911. To report illegal dumping in your neighborhood, call 311.

Bulk Trash: Call 311 to schedule a pickup (You will need to provide your address, telephone number and a list of items you have for pickup). You can have up to three items each month. Bulk items are furniture, appliances and up to four tires with the rims removed. All items must be clearly marked “bulk collection,” and placed at the same location as regular trash pickup. Building materials such as sheetrock, siding, wood pieces or roofing will not be accepted.

Household Hazardous WasteBleach, acids, automotive oil and other household hazardous waste cannot be placed in with regular trash and must be taken to 2840 Sisson Street Convenience Center. The Center accepts these items on the last full weekend of the month from May through October (Friday and Saturday). (Note: You can drop off used CFL light-bulbs and NiCad batteries at Home Depot or Lowe’s.)

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